Expedition: Clean Energy Denali 2008

18 04 2008


On May 16-17 2008, five climbers, Laura Rapp, Radmila Jaksic, Zoran Vasic, Goran Rokolj and Vince Poulin, will depart Vancouver, British Columbia, in an attempt to reach the summit of  North America’s highest mountain – Denali. If successful the team will be the first team to summit the peak with a carbon neutral footprint. 

The expedition is supported by Green Printer and other companies who share similar environmental concerns. Their climb is being made carbon neutral using EcoNeutral tm Carbon Offsets by Ecosystem Restoration Association Inc. To achieve a carbon neutral footprint the team is calculating its total carbon footprint, and “off-setting” that using ERA”s green solution.

ERA’s offsets are those produced by the carbon stored in trees grown on public lands and held in trust for future generations. 

The Carbon Neutral aspect of Clean Energy Denali 2008 Team is a wake up call to us all, proving that with a little effort and help from each other we can all make contributions in the battle against global climate change. 

Anti-catalogue mail campaigns that pay and junk entrepreneurs that bring the sexy back to sustainability

15 04 2008

A Junk Mail “Sculpture” a la http://antiadvertisingagency.com

A http://greenprinteronline.com dispatch.

We’ve come this far in our exasperation with junk mail-apalooza and now people are luring us with cold, hard cash (or the beauty of planting a tree) to get us to stop receiving virgin-forest-eating junk mail.

We’re in love with Green Dimes (thank you to Nate Burgos of Design Feast for the gread tip), which not only offers a widget that claims to track, in real time, how many:

i. trees are saved;
ii. Victoria Secret catalogues are stopped and;
iii. (tongue in cheek style) “people helped”,

but also offers a really convenient online service to cut out those annoying credit card application forms. Read the rest of this entry »