Three, fresh ways to green your supply chain – better, faster, simpler

29 10 2008

A dispatch.

We saw Wal-Mart, a company with worldwide-wide revenues only second to Exxon-Mobile, signal last week in Beijing that it is moving away from “intermittent transactions with many suppliers toward longer-term arrangements with a smaller group of manufacturers“. Then, this week in the news, IBM starts on a roll to eliminate the ‘burden’ of paper — including paper costs, compliance risks and environmental challenges — from their customers’ supply chains with a handful of recently launched software and services.

What is going on here? Both companies are adopting tactics used by sustainability minded entrepreneurs as part of the time tested sustainability supply chain model: measure, purchase local where possible, maintain long-term relationships and integrate accountability at all ‘nodes’ of the chain.

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Four Reasons: Green still the way to go despite a nose-diving economy

9 10 2008

A dispatch recently wrote an excellent guide for small business owners on proactive moves they can take to survive – and better yet, thrive – in the nose-diving economy.

You Can Weather the Economic Storm (Product price sensitivity and financial creativity can help you thrive in any economy)” is especially relevant for green entrepreneurs as many of the principles underlying Dennis Romero’s advice aligns with what sustainable business leaders already know: go for local resilience, understand the value of community-based goodwill and when in doubt, simply, simplify, simplify to the bare essentials (do the latest farm-fresh food recipes or eco-cleaning supplies mantras sound familiar, anyone?). Read the rest of this entry »

Poll: Xerox’s self-erasing paper – Friend or foe?

2 10 2008

A dispatch.

Hot off the press, Treehugger readers are in a heated debate (most were against the innovation) over a handfull of XEROX researchers who looked at the challenge of sending good (read: totally reusable and or ready to be recycled paper) and came up with paper that self-erases within 24 hours and can then be re-used. Read the rest of this entry »