2009 Office Resolutions: Five Smart and Fast Ones

26 12 2008

www.greenprinteronline.com dispatch.

We scoured the web for you, dear readers (okay, we did our due diligence and browsed numerous sites) and here are five resolutions you can take action on the first week back at the office. Or, more realistically, as soon as you recuperate from your New Year and holiday festivities.

1. Automate it… and cut out more green duty to remember in January
In “10 Resolutions to Green Your Technology“, Anna Jaeger from the TechSoup blog suggests setting up an office-wide policy on computer settings. She recommends taking a few minutes to set up a power-management feature (available on a Mac and a PC) that can help save money, reduce impact on the environment and extend the life of the office hardware for years to come. According to Climate Savers Computing Initiative, one of the leading power-management advocacy organizations in the United States, the average desktop PC wastes nearly half the power it pulls from the wall as heat. Read the rest of this entry »

Is your Resolution to Kickstart the Next Clean Revolution?

18 12 2008

A post by contributing writer Melissa Chungfat.

A www.greenprinteronline.com dispatch.

I talked to one of my friend’s yesterday and she told me that the staff Christmas party wasn’t nearly as joyful as in previous years. Half of the people who came to the party were let go. There have been record layoffs since the economy has gone south, and it’s hard to talk to someone whose family hasn’t been impacted in some way.

Social and environmental advocates around the world worry that the economic challenges will be used as an excuse for more inaction on the environment. Before the environmental issues went viral, ecopreneurs took the lead to help and protect the environment. Where there was a lack in political will, ecopreneurs filled the gap.
But so far, it looks like the Obama-Bidon administration sees the environment as an opportunity to jumpstart the new 21st century economy.

In this week’s press conference, Obama said investing in entrepreneurs is a necessary “down payment.” Read the rest of this entry »

Words that Work: What To Write When Marketing Green

10 12 2008

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A post by contributing writer Melissa Chungfat.

Every single word counts when it comes to marketing. How you package your brand with words and images has a strong influence on how people perceive your company.

But before I dive into which words can work for your product or service, always keep in mind that your company’s credibility is the first priority. Otherwise, it will affect how receptive people are to your words and any attempts to ‘pull the wool’, so to speak, over a target market’s eyes can backfire. Read the rest of this entry »

Company Gift-Giving Made Easy – Give carbon-neutrality this Christmas

4 12 2008

www.greenprinteronline.com dispatch.

A post by contributing writer Melissa Chungfat.

The eco-holiday tips are beginning to pour in everywhere. Al Gore was on Oprah last week discussing the impacts of global warming and giving advice on how people can help the environment and save some cash this holiday. And, Obama is certainly doing his part with his plans to green the White House.

If you are an early bird ecopreneurist who wants to distinguish your business this holiday season or are at odds on what to give your customers, staff or business partners, one thing you can do is get a CarbonFree® Product Certification from the non-profit, Carbonfund.org. With CF, with the click of a mouse, you can give the gift of carbon neutralityRead the rest of this entry »