Is your Resolution to Kickstart the Next Clean Revolution?

18 12 2008

A post by contributing writer Melissa Chungfat.

A dispatch.

I talked to one of my friend’s yesterday and she told me that the staff Christmas party wasn’t nearly as joyful as in previous years. Half of the people who came to the party were let go. There have been record layoffs since the economy has gone south, and it’s hard to talk to someone whose family hasn’t been impacted in some way.

Social and environmental advocates around the world worry that the economic challenges will be used as an excuse for more inaction on the environment. Before the environmental issues went viral, ecopreneurs took the lead to help and protect the environment. Where there was a lack in political will, ecopreneurs filled the gap.
But so far, it looks like the Obama-Bidon administration sees the environment as an opportunity to jumpstart the new 21st century economy.

In this week’s press conference, Obama said investing in entrepreneurs is a necessary “down payment.” Read the rest of this entry »