Green News: New Green Book Helps Students Live Sustainably at Duke

3 08 2011

It is always nice to see institutions moving towards greener living, especially those that influence a large number of young adults. Duke University is doing just that by providing incoming students with a Green Book to assist them in conducting their time at the school, as well as their lives in general, with environmental interests as a high priority.

The book itself is a great start—it is printed on recycled paper!

From the University’s website:

Allison Donnelly is a rising sophomore at Duke and the leader of the project to create the Green Book, which was an effort of the undergraduate environmental group, the Environmental Alliance.

“The first few weeks of college can be overwhelming, so we wanted to make it easy to live green at Duke right from the start,” said Donnelly, speaking of her inspiration for the project.

Students will find information about dining, recycling, alternative transportation, and other aspects of green living. The Green Book also provides information that is useful to students before they arrive on campus, such as a shopping list for a green dorm room and ways to get around Duke and Durham without bringing a car to campus.

According to Donnelly, “Students don’t always hear about all the ways they can live green and get involved in sustainability on campus.  The Green Book gives them all of that information in one place.”

Casey Roe, Duke Today