7 deadly blog sins thou shall not commit on thy eco-blog

11 11 2007




Besides loving chic elk and using eloquent Shakespearean language to speak about the beauty of treeless paper, sustainable printing technologies and paper that’s good to the planet, we devout tree-huggers here at Green Printer love to give you cool ideas to start and skyrocket your own eco-blog.

Let’s do a quick ‘n fun run-down of green blogs that follow the universal rules of quality, high-traffic blogging and those that don’t.

1. One shall not promote oneself and one’s business (and books and projects…) at the expense of the reader’s attention. There is a place for a products and services discussion with lots of engaging, frequently updated and on-topic content. And, sometimes, a snarky comment or two about your blog and its relation to off-blog products and services at the end of a post.

2. No matter how big one gets, one shall not forget that every day is just the beginning, because you always have new readers.

3. One shall not be greedy. Share your expertise on sustainable and beautiful garden landscaping, share link love to good bloggers on the same side of the continent as you, track back to dozens of similar, new and funky blogs and give out little-known (and useful) newstips to other, green business bloggers.

4. One shall not forget one’s sense of humour and take oneself too seriously even on pressing topics like global warming. Give credit to fellow bloggers in the same green category as you who inspire. And, be snarky: write nearly libelous things about other bloggers, daring them to respond (with links back to you) on their blog. Scandalous.

5. One shall not be last in line. Scour places like www.sej.org, leaked news sources and be the first to announce news. Then, get everyone to Digg your hot off the press news.

6. One shall not be a bad writer. The Internet (and that applies your blog’s page rank on Google) runs on, well, ….words. Metatags, submitting to green blog directories, and search engine optimization (SEO): learn all this good stuff for your green blog but don’t forget that, as a top notch eco-blogger, you must, first and foremost, write quality content that people actually want to read and share – consistently. No shortcuts on this one.

7. One shall not forget to share the fun. On-topic, widgets, blidgets, office soccer YouTube videos and flicker “green” photo RSS: your readers will take pleasure in your taking an extra ten minutes to make your blog visually appealing.

Green Printer, the website – not just the blog – has a cool and useful way for you to demonstrate your environmental commitments: the Eco-Calculator. Save trees, time and money the eco-chic way with our recycled paper and sustainable printing methods. We use science-backed sources to calculate your organization’s environmental impact with each paper quote and we can print how many trees you save on the back of your business cards – more details at greenprinteronline.com. Now, wasn’t that easy?



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