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The Green Printer blog educates consumers about how easy and cost-effective it is to switch to green printing without sacrificing quality and the environment.

We are often asked why we created Green Printer. It’s an important question, as our motivations for starting the company go a long way to explaining our mission and goals.

Printing: a dirty industry

The founders of Green Printer have been working in the print industry for a long time. Before they started this company they were partners in a fast growing print company. The company was very successful, but over time they became increasingly aware of the impact their industry was having on the environment – until it was hard to ignore. The papermaking industry alone is the third largest polluting industry in the world, right behind oil manufacturing.

An idea is born

The most startling revelation came when they calculated how many trees they could save by printing on treeless and recycled content paper – the numbers were staggering. For example, they calculated that a small to medium size print shop (the size of their own company at the time) with revenues of 2.4 million dollars a year, uses an amount of paper that is equivalent to 5,076 trees a year. They started researching alternative methods of printing that created less waste and used less energy and different non-toxic inks and finishes. They realized that a much more sustainable method of printing was within reach, so Green Printer was born!

An eco-friendly choice

Today, Green Printer offers consumers an eco-friendly choice that we can be proud of. A big part of our work is educating consumers about the difference they can make by switching to green printing and helping their clients reach their sustainability goals. Our goal is to save between 750,000 and 1 million trees over the next ten years!

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3 02 2008
Nate Burgos (17:01:34) :

Hello Olga,

I recently discovered your site and enjoyed the content. Your site was added to the Design Activism section of growing design webliography Design Feast:


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— Shimon Shmueli, Partner, Touch360

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— Gitte Jonsdatter, User Researcher, IDEO

Reciprocal linking is appreciated but is, of course, up to you. Thank you in advance for your consideration.

Keep up the good work!



20 02 2008
Ron Williams (18:47:31) :


congratulations on a great job with this site.


31 03 2008
len laycock (09:38:58) :

Hi Olga,
Received your inquiry. Yes, we’d love to be feature on your blog.
I have loads of green stories.
Email or, phone: 604 637 6441 (ext 4)

27 08 2008
Marilyn Brackney (06:34:26) :

Hi, Olga,

I’m an artist and educator who backed into the reuse and recycle thing when I was teaching elementary art. My principal cut my budget from $1,000 to $250 per semester, so I resorted to using trash or solid waste as art materials. That wasn’t necessarily a bad thing, as it made me more resourceful and it stretched the kids’ imaginations, too. The following is background info that may give you an idea for one of your blogs. Making art by reusing materials is an easy way to encourage kids to be environmentally responsible. I’d be honored to have you to write about my site, The Imagination Factory.

Marilyn J. Brackney

Children’s Web Site Encourages Creative Reuse

If you were to search for the word imagination on Google, it’s likely that The Imagination Factory will be linked near the top of the millions of entries. Listed by the American Library Association as one of the best online resources for kids, the award winning site shows visitors how to make art using materials most people throw away. Some of the activities include drawing, painting, sculpture, collage, paper mache, marbling, and crafts.

A Trash Matcher links visitors with appropriate art activities that use the solid waste they have available, and a feature called the Badge Matcher allows Brownies, Girl Scouts and their leaders to quickly locate projects that help satisfy badge requirements. Visitors also learn how reusing materials can help save energy, natural resources, and landfill space. Trashasaurus Rex, a giant dinosaur made of everything from used toothpaste tubes to odd gloves serves as the site’s mascot. The Imagination Factory is located at http://www.kid-at-art.com/.

21 10 2008
Peter (03:30:31) :

Hi Olga,
I’ve been looking at your blog for a while and I loved the posts. Have you ever heard about http://www.edenbee.com ? We are a green social networking site for people who want to reduce their carbon footprint. I was wondering if we might help each other exchanging news and other stuff. Also we would love to be related to you!
Looking forward to hear from you.

29 12 2008
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15 01 2009
Unofficial ‘Hot’ List of Green Design Firms - Green Printer’s picks for January 2009 : Save a Tree - Print Green - Green Options (13:31:13) :

[…] design and communication firms for January 2009. Think your firm deserves to be on the list? Let us […]

16 01 2009
Ayana Meade (09:21:43) :

Dear Olga:

We, here at Greenopia.com love your blog, and would like to do a link exchange and list your blog on our Blogroll (and vice versa).

Greenopia is a top ranked green business directory website (check out our over 9300 listed green businesses in over 50 cities here: http://www.greenopia.com/USA/local_usa.aspx (Click on a city to see all the categories we rate). Our mission is a basic and big one: we set out to create a directory of eco-friendly retailers, services, and organizations. Our listings are backed by extensive research and are rated against the best of the best. AND they are double-checked by our expert advisors in each category, from restaurants to dry cleaners to green builders and more. Our guide is not a paid directory—-companies cannot pay to be included and all listees are included because they met our strict standards of eco-friendliness.

In addition to our listings, thousands of “Greenopians” a month come to us for the latest in green news and eco-lifestyle feature stories. They have been especially excited about our new products listings; we have over 500 products (and more are added daily) that our head of research oversees the ratings for. From Bath and Beauty to Pets to Kid’s Toys, Clothes and more are rated: http://www.greenopia.com/NY/products.aspx

If you’d like to participate in a great way to expand your blog’s reach by participating in a link exchange with Greenopia, please let me know, and we’ll get your link up right away.

Ayana Meade
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17 01 2009
2 04 2009
Ken Parsley (06:07:45) :

Hi guys,

Can’t believe there is no mention of Mutoh’s VJ-1608 with Mubio inks, please check it out at http://www.mubiohybrid.com/. It really deserves a look from a green perspective.


22 10 2009
Andrew (11:56:08) :

Hi Olga,
I love your blog! I too have a blog, it’s called “PrintingSmarter.com”. The blog is a project examining the environmental impact of direct marketing, among other things. I would love to speak with you about potentially interviewing each other for one anothers blogs. Nothing too lengthy, we could even just do a quick blurb about each other accompanied with a link so that our readers have access to a new and cool resource! Keep up the good work, I look forward to hearing from you and reading more of your awesome posts!


29 10 2009
Liz (21:54:17) :

Hi Olga,

I really enjoy your blog, what a great source for green design inspiration and information! Thanks for sharing.

I just updated a website that you and your audience may find interesting: http://edliveshere.com

Last year NewPage launched EdLivesHere.com, the web companion to the well-known Ed series. Ed lives online and on paper, and is one of the most popular promotional series in paper promotions history. We’d now like to introduce you to the newest edition, Ed #13 Balance, in print and online.

In this issue, Ed offers a big-picture view of sustainability in communications. Ed wants to help designers take more responsibility for ensuring that their projects are as sustainable as possible. Ed looks at the footprints of both print and electronic communications—their environmental costs and advantages—and ways to make the best use of both. Ed is full of handy environmentally responsible tips and facts, all so you can make a bigger impact on your audience while reducing your impact on the environment.

With 13 issues to date, Ed is your friendly educator for all things paper, printing and design. From metallics to protective coverings, embossing to retouching and digital printing to understanding inks, Ed knows it all.

Ed #13 is fun, useful and informative. Enjoy.

Kind regards,

3 11 2009
Jean (02:30:06) :

Hi Olga

I was just reading through your blog pieces and I found it really interesting. I am working as an intern for an organisation called Edebee at the moment and I thought you might be interested about what these guys are doing. Edenbee have just launched a new Facebook application that allows users to set, adopt and share goals for a more sustainable life. Doing so, they generate money for their chosen cause such as 10:10, WWF, Stop Climate Chaos, Amnesty International, Oxfam etc

For more info check out the app at http://apps.facebook.com/edenbee where they also post daily news pieces.

Anyway I thought you might be interested in it personally I think it’s a great concept. If there’s any extra information you’d like to have for your post, let me know and I’ll fill you in.


2 08 2014
Gabe (19:58:00) :

I been saying for years we could avoid using printers with so many other options, which by the way so convenient. How people could be so ignorant ?!

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