Calculate your way to green!

27 05 2008

A Green Printer dispatch.

Introducing two great new tools from Green Printer: the eco-calculator widget and the eco-savings widget. You know that printing on recycled paper has great benefits for the environment, but now we can show you EXACTLY how the earth is benefiting from your green choices.

The eco-calculator is a free widget available to anyone on the Green Printer website. Download it and then use it to calculate the environmental savings of any printing done with recycled paper. Just type in the size of your next print run and it will tell you how many trees you can save by using recycled paper, as well as the amount of pollution that can be prevented.

The eco-savings widget is another way for Green Printer to say “great job” to our clients for choosing environmentally responsible printing. Clients can log into their personal page on our website at any time to see a running total of environmental savings that they have created by printing green. The widget tracks how many trees, CO2 emissions, wastewater, energy and more they have saved – all in real time. Plus, our clients can use the eco-savings widget to display their savings to the world on their own websites and blogs.



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