Don’t make the “naughtiest” corporation list: save endangered forests, use greener paper

15 11 2007


(Source: Candace the Caribou 2007)

A dispatch.

Today, Forest Ethics named Sears the naughtiest tree-cutting company of them all, sending out an estimated 425 million catalogs a year – that’s about enough to give each person in the U.S. six catalogues about flannel pants a year – including 270 million Lands’ End catalogs, with paper that comes from endangered forests.

If the Victoria (dirty) Secret fiasco is anything of a hint of what’s to come for corporations like Sears from the new breed of powerhouse non-profits and their vigilant, eco-savvy members, Sears’ management is going to incur a few expenses over the next couple of months, including:

Advil extra-strength costs for 8am boardroom headaches: $65.

Fees to sustain a legal crew and a PR crisis consultant to win the war with bad press: $112,000.

Flying in the Forest Ethics legal and executive staff to Sears’ head office for repeat consultations: $30 000.

For businesses ahead of the game (with one headache less), beginning a sustainable corporate paper procurement policy is the way to go:

1. Check out the 5-minute guide to greener paper for your organization

2. And, if your office keeps receiving annoying catalogues, Environmental Defense gives the numbers to call to cut out catalogues completely.

3. Since, according to Plenty Magazine, “free and easy recycling service should be incentive enough for most nonprofits to go green, the AbitibiBowater sweetens the pot further. Texas’ AB is an end user of the recycled fiber product—its main business is manufacturing newsprint—it pays for the recycled paper, creating a revenue stream for the nonprofits.” Pretty clever.

As coverage of green corporate news skyrockets in 2007 according to Earth 911, Ted Mininni from Marketing Profs has more about the corporate scramble to go green.

Green Printer, the website – not just the blog – has a cool and useful way for you to demonstrate your environmental commitments: the Eco-Calculator. Save trees, time and money the eco-chic way with our recycled paper and sustainable printing methods. We use science-backed sources to calculate your organization’s environmental impact with each paper quote and we can print how many trees you save on the back of your business cards – more details at Now, wasn’t that easy?



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15 04 2008
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