Eco-friendly paper order saves 237 000 BTUs of energy, 30.90 lbs of emissions and 0.33 trees

5 12 2007

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Customers care about how many trees your company saves. And no, there is no need to trek your staff all the way out to Indonesia to show that you care about carbon offsetting via tree planing though we do not discourage such acts of corporate altruism.

Still, for a jet-lag free and low-carbon treehugging experience, consider printing eco-friendly from the comfort of your office.

Take into account that printing just 800 posters with an eco-friendly printing company versus your standard printing company for your next corporate event will produce the following energy and environmental savings:

– 0.33 trees preserved for the future.

– 0.96 lbs of water-borne waste not created.

– 141.9 gallons of wastewater flow saved.

– 15.73 lbs of solid waste not generated.

– 30.90 lbs of greenhouse gases prevented.

– 237,000 BTUs of energy not consumed.

Read more on how Green Printer saved trees for a sustainable architectural event in today’s internationally syndicated 24 Hours.

Social marketing tip du jour: Read this awesome blog by Brian Solis on how the web (and the 2.0 kind) is transforming everything you know about public relations for your organization.



2 responses to “Eco-friendly paper order saves 237 000 BTUs of energy, 30.90 lbs of emissions and 0.33 trees”

5 12 2007
berg125 (16:00:23) :

I’m glad the free market is solving our environmental problems despite the governments continued meddling and failure.

21 01 2008
GreenLlama97 (13:31:38) :

What a pleasure it was to read this blog. It’s well written, well researched, topical, and comprehensive. Paper and printing significantly affect the environment. I’m glad to read about green companies who are making a change – and making a difference.

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