Five funky, social networking tools to ignite your green blog’s traffic

9 11 2007


A dispatch.

Widgets and blog traffic tools are making headlines – and who better to share the widget love than with your green blog readers who, of course, religiously scour your posts for that genius eco-blogging tip or “leaked” environmental news story. For our part, we did a post on funky CO2-calculating widgets but in the long run, we go to where all the hacks with the inside stories, er, reporters, go to find their news.

1. Here’s a widget in beta version from the UK that doesn’t beat around the bush – its sole purpose is to drive traffic to your blog. Well, Blog Rush has a few bugs like displaying the same stories (they’re working on it) but the idea behind it has a lot of potential. In a nutshell, Blog Rush broadcasts your latest post title to other blogs.

2. Cliqin is better developed than BlogRush but you need to join a “clique” first. The beauty: there is no huge environmental clique yet. Window of opportunity? I think yes. Hop to it.

3. Ever wanted to cut down your time searching for quality green blogs to post on ? Forum4Bloggers provides the solution in a no-nonsense, old school way. Here, they want you to announce your site, tell them what’s going on, and give tips to other bloggers. An easy way to meet other bloggers in the same boat.

4. Blidgets are cool because they let others do the advertising for you. The WidgetBox Blidget Maker lets your readers turn your blog into a widget. What does this mean? It mean that when readers click on the small button that WidgetBox has you place on your website, they can turn your blog into a widget that displays your latests posts.

5. Zimbio -“the people’s guide to the web” – is host of collaborative blogs. You sign up and then can submit your own eco-articles or posts to any of the Zimbio blogs. It can be a good way to get your articles more coverage until you get more regular readers. A word of warning: because people may post comments to the Zimbio blog, which won’t show up on your actual blog, it can be confusing.

Green Printer, the website – not just the blog – has another cool and useful tool for you: the Eco Calculator. Save trees, time and money the eco-chic way. We use science-backed sources to calculate your organization’s environmental impact with each paper quote – more details at Now, wasn’t that easy?



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