Global warming deniers denounce Congress’ move to CFLs and LEDs

8 01 2008

An dispatch.

LATEST in CFL Debate: No Actual Data on CFL migraine scare in The Daily Green

Conservative bloggers denounce US Congresses’ move to CFLs as a mercury health hazard and a “High Priest Al Gore of the Church of Global Warming of Modern Day Idiots (MDI)” falsity while of course, sourcing the “science” behind their claim as, what else, another conservative blogger’s opinion.

The blog’s “Heartland” perspective (the word “Heartland” generally refers to the Midwestern U.S.) and “science experts” is reminiscent of the great global warming heartland “debate”, which became a subject of oil funded controversy at

Some background of the CFLs and LEDs bill in the news as of January 2nd, 2008:

Congress gave the green light to a new energy bill before the Christmas break that will soon make incandescent light bulbs illegal. All bulbs must be replaced by compact fluorescent light bulbs (CFLs) or LEDs by 2014.

The ban will be a big change for consumers, as currently 90% of light bulbs sold are incandescents. Congress estimates that in the 15 years following the phase-out consumers will save roughly $40 billion and the US will need 14 fewer coal fired power plants.

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