Green News: “Going Green Makes Sense for Business”

28 07 2011

Green Printer believes that products and choices that are good for the Earth are good for everyone, and we love to see other people jumping on the bandwagon! Take a look at this week’s article on green business in the Monteray Herald, by Mary Claypool:

The green trend came upon the scene many years ago and has continued to gain momentum.

Customers expect businesses to be conscious of their impact and many prefer to shop at environmentally friendly stores. For businesses, helping the environment is easy and can lower costs.

There are a variety of basic steps that can be taken to create a sustainable work environment and an environmentally friendly business for customers. Since customers care about the environment, it doesn’t hurt to promote yourself as a business that cares about its impact on the environment.

From phasing out incandescent light bulbs and using recyclable products to installing energy-efficient equipment and systems, every business can make simple changes that save energy costs and natural resources.

With the need to increase revenue and lower costs, every effort that supports either is a benefit. Some easy steps to consider:

· Report leaky faucets. It saves up to 20 gallons of water a day.

· Put a recycling bin at your desk. Buy 35 percent post-consumer recycled paper products and use washable cups, flatware and plates. Use the back side of paper for scratch paper before it is put in the recycling bin. Use green printers or “treeless” paper.

· Ask all vendors what green solutions they use. Use landscape companies that use electric equipment rather than gas. Turn off your computer monitor when not in use.

· Avoid using large office equipment during the3 p.m. to 7 p.m. peak. Instead of traveling to meetings, use online conference calls whenever possible and encourage employees to telecommute one day a week.· Set up a paperless billing system for your customers. If you are using your car for lunch, park and go inside; avoid idling your car in drive-throughs.

· Replace incandescent bulbs with compact fluorescent lamps(CFLs). Replace fluorescent tubes and magnetic ballasts with T8 or T5 tubes and electronic ballasts. Replace warehouse and other high-bay lighting with HID lamps or high-bay fluorescent fixtures.

· Install occupancy sensors in general usage areas so lights turn on if an area is occupied and turn off automatically when the area is not. Clean bulbs, fixtures and diffusers regularly to maintain maximum illumination levels.

· Install photocells or timers on outdoor lighting systems so they only operate from dusk to dawn. Replace your incandescent exit signs with LED exit signs. Install motion detector lights.

These steps are simple and, in most cases, do not increase your costs. Even the smallest business can implement many of these steps. There are a variety of websites that can offer advice and suggestions. The Small Business Administration at is a great place to start.

Great advice! Are you using any/all of these tips within your office right now? Try to begin implementing them and let us know the results!

Are there any “green tips” not listed above that you use to positive results that you’d like to share with us? We’d love to know your ideas and thoughts!



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