Green Your Ad Material: easy trends for 2008

16 01 2008

Image Source: World Wildlife Federation – caption “15 km squared of rain forest disappears every minute”

A Design Goes Green Series by

Kevin Thompson of Rising Phoenix Design shares easy tips to green your advertising and marketing material in 2008.

Less is more.
If you’re smart, you can say a lot with very little. Thompson swears by low ink coverage for all Rising Phoenix Design printed pieces to create the sexy white space that you saw the big name ad firms use in their 2007 marketing material (the “Dear Ketel One Drinker. Can you find the subliminal message in this advertisement?” Followed by two-thirds of a page of white space ring a bell?)

Take a cue from the eco-pros – the dual function of minimal ink on white create maximum optical contrast for printed graphics and saves ink, creating more visual impact and less environmental impact.

For direct mailings, paper can be saved by opting for self-mailers over envelopes. And, consider using die cuts instead of fugitive glue to affix business cards (read: the glue that holds long enough for folding and other operations to take place) or gift cards in order to make the end product far easier to recycle.

Green goes black.
For website design, the “opposite is the rule”: black is the new green.

The U.S. department of energy confirms Thompson’s claim that black and dark backgrounds save energy on computer monitors and now this: black hits the web as the hottest colour for your site in 2008. Another reason to go green, er, black.

More really is more.
There is one place in the world of greening your business where more really is more. Thompson recommends that savvy companies who want to tout the eco-credentials of their print jobs not hesitate to reserve plenty of space for just that.

“The logomarks for FSC, PCF, and even the classic “chasing arrows”, are well-designed and lend a level of authenticity to any environmental message. Take the room to explain them and boast your paper’s recycled content. This creates a level of awareness among both consumers and other businesses, encouraging everyone to go green along with you.”

For more details on Rising Phoenix Design, go to RPD’s Green Energy powered site,

Green printer ‘s Eco Calculator prints your company’s science backed, instantly calculated environmental savings and eco credentials on the back of all of your marketing materials – see why GP is better at



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16 01 2008
alex (15:23:48) :

Great Blog I always have a good time reading it. It’d be great if someone knew about this site ? I have used their carbon calculator and it seems pretty legit? Has anyone else used it? They are partners with live earth and Al Gore so it must be pretty credible? If anyone else has done digging on this let me know. Oh and I got a score of 289 on their test…lower than the average in my state! Whoop whoop!

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