Green your retail business today with 5 easy tips

26 12 2007

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If your post-holiday cheer and spending has put you in a slump about how to jumpstart your New Year’s resolution to make your business run more efficient and tree-friendly for less (and who doesn’t?), Ilana DeBare from the San Francisco Chronicle has the solution. The Chronicle green business reporter provides a few tips to increase your retail business efficiency in the long-term and “walk” your sustainability talk in 2008.

1. Decrease paper waste by using two-sided copying and keeping a stack of used paper by the printer for rough drafts. Reduce the size of printed documents so that, for instance, two pages of typing can fit on one page of paper.

2. Design marketing materials that don’t require an envelope and can simply be folded and mailed.

3. For shipping, use shredded paper rather than Styrofoam pellets or bubble wrap.

4. Factor the environment into your purchasing of office supplies. Choose Energy Star appliances and electronics, paper with 35 to 100 percent post-consumer recycled content, recycled toner cartridges, rechargeable batteries and lower-energy lightbulbs such as compact fluorescents. Look for vendors that are certified green businesses.

5. If you’re a business with employees, provide environmental incentives such as transit passes or lockers so it’s easier for them to bike to work. Offer opportunities for telecommuting.

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3 12 2008
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Thnaks for this website, all the best !

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