How green do we need to be to make a difference?

14 12 2007

A dispatch

In this week’s Fortune, Xerox executives say they are sure there will be demand for the FSC paper. “Customers are definitely asking about it,” says Steve Simpson, who is vice president and general manager of Xerox’s paper and supplies unit.

FSC certified paper has been prized as the “gold standard” for sustainable forestry practices and thus, more “environmentally correct” paper but Green Printer has been skeptical about the FSC label in the past, most recently in our “Is the FSC logo not telling the whole truth?” post.

Still, Marc Gunther from Fortune says that:

according to InfoTrends, a market research and consulting firm, forest land certified by the FSC has nearly doubled in the past three years to a total of more than 224 million acres, which increases the supply (and should lower costs) for businesses and consumers.”

Good news, but…

There are options to “green” your paper that is already both affordable and eco-friendly (minus the FSC tarnish): 100% post-consumer waste paper.

So, when the rubber hits the road, how are business owners really “greening” their paper supply chain?

The Office Depot managed to offer recycled content paper in over 2/3 of its products as early as 2004. Director of Environmental Affairs of Tyler Elm gave several tips on how even a multi-million dollar corporation can “go green”:

1. Provide options to employees to use environmentally preferable paper, but don’t push behaviour changes.

2. Get buy-in from suppliers from the beginning.

Receive buy-in by “a conservation-science based approach to the issues, rather than responding to any sort of demand”.

3. Ensure the sustainability or environmental officer has an “entrepreneurial” frame of mind.

“One has to meet with as many people of as many functions within the organization as possible and demonstrate how environmental performance can add value to that business unit, as well as the overall company.”

4. When making the pitch to go green, focus on process-based sources of value.

“[When there] are multiple sources of value, and if you start to focus on the process-based sources of value where you can actually save money or reduce costs, you quickly win over colleagues to your way of thinking.

Green Printer, the website – not just the blog – has a cool and useful way for you to demonstrate your environmental commitments: the Eco-Calculator. Save trees, time and money the eco way with our recycled paper and sustainable printing methods. We use science-backed sources to calculate your organization’s environmental impact with each paper quote and we can print how many trees you save on the back of your business cards – more details at Now, wasn’t that easy?



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