Is the FSC logo not telling the whole truth?

1 11 2007


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In response to a post – The FSC standard, that “gold standard” in environmental certification or, simply, that little logo that served as proof your paper came from sustainably harvested forests, got a dent in its reputation this week when the Wall Street Journal reported that the FSC board acknowledged that some companies, including Singapore-based Asia Pulp & Paper Co. Ltd (APP), are using its label (legally) for certain forested areas but are destroying pristine forests elsewhere. What’s surprising is that this is happening all under the eyes of FSC auditors. At its core, the FSC “scandal” is tarnishing the industry’s multi-million dollar reputation not to mention FSC’s promise to consumers to protect forests worldwide.

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Still, the news isn’t surprising to environmental groups and leading environmental print companies, like Green Printer. Green Printer is watchful of FSC-certified paper as the source of many of its certified products, especially from its ‘mixed sources’ label, are often unknown and are at risk of coming from old growth forests. What’s more, FSC auditors often overlook companies that wrack havoc on fragile ecosystems via the toxic chemicals in their wood products during the FSC’s chain of custody certification process.

While Greenprinter offers FSC-certified paper, it takes environmental printing to an even higher standard by offering a wide selection of “100% post-consumer recycled fiber” and Process Chlorine Free (PCF) paper.






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