LEDs set to make BC Hydro electricity self-sufficient by 2016

19 12 2007

Image source: http://inhabitat.com

A www.greenprinteronline.com dispatch.


Check out this video on decorating with LED Christmas lights from Vancouver-based enviromental news website, BC Buzz. A BC Hydro PowerSmart representative explains that decorating with LED Christmas lights uses 95% less energy than traditional lights. And the LEDs last more than 10 times longer!


For more information on how to be more energy efficient at home and in the office, browse the BC Hydro Power Smart site. BC Hydro’s goal is to make BC electricity self-sufficient by 2016. Have a Green Christmas!




Green Printer (GP) knows that the paper industry consumes a lot of energy and offers CO2 friendly paper in order to make your paper marketing material as “energy efficient” as possible. What’s more, GP works closely with and buys from paper mills that run on clean energy and use offsets.



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1 02 2008
hydrocodoneR (02:34:32) :

The whole world go crazy on green power! and thats cool!

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