Let’s Get Digital: From YouTube Ads to Mighty Pixel Productions

16 06 2009

A www.greenprinteronline.com dispatch.

Think back to the ads you actually remember. The infamous Mac versus PC ones. The award-winning Mr. W ad with a touching twist. More than likely, the videos were made by former professionals in the film industry. Not convinced?

Just check out the list of credits behind the two to three minute YouTube teasers on GreenWorldAds. Many hail from a history of doing independent film work or music videos.

On the opposite side of the spectrum is Green.tv, an impressive green media channel produced by the UK based agency Large Blue. In contrast to their (sometimes) struggling film counterparts, their need to tell stories through film emerged from a corporate communications need. “Whether offline or online, we create films that cut through,” their mission states. Large Blue’s clients include Mark and Spencers (M&S), Adidas, Cisco, DeLoitte, UNEP and HSBC.

On the other side of the fence, YouTube and the film industry have long had a love/hate relationship. Yet,  according to Kristen Schweizer for Bloomberg and YouTube’s development manager Anthony Zameczkowski‘s “we’re more than just dogs on skateboards” comment, YouTube and the film industry can co-exist peacefully. Even prosperously.

This week, on a more local level, Green Printer profiles Michelle Galley of Mighty Pixel Productions (MPP) on her first hand experience working in the multi-media, digital and motion graphics industry.

1. MPP is a multi-media design house, what kinds of work have you done in the past for your clients?
We have had the pleasure of working on a music video that involved us creating a digital animation scene and various graphic shots. We have also had two great clients for an independent film work recently, both had very exciting projects that they are submitting into various film festivals.

2. What do you wish more clients are doing in terms of motion graphics that was bold and out of the box?
I would love to see more motion graphics on websites…and I would also love to see more fun and exciting corporate video presentations and training videos.

3. What organization or brand do you think would benefit from a dose of multi-media and why?
The Canadian TV show “Street Patrol” as well as Canada’s “Body Break with Hal Johnson and Joanne Mcleod” need a little spice! They need some updating. I also think we need videos in our hospitals for children and the elderly who are going into surgery (or going through cancer). This helps to explain what to expect as well as general information that helps to explain what they are going through and how they can possibly help themselves feel better.

4. Why was it important for Mighty Pixel Productions to “green” its printing and purchasing?
We believe that everyone should contribute in some way to help sustain our world, be it big or small, every step counts. So this is one of our contributions.

5. What do you see in the multi-media design industry that could be designed better and with sustainability in mind?
A broader version of that is for all computer users to remember to conserve energy as much as possible with their power consumption, just be more aware.

6. What’s next for Mighty Pixel Productions?

We are currently in the works for a promotional video presentation from a corporate client…

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26 06 2009
Let’s Get Digital: From YouTube Ads to Mighty Pixel Productions | India Printers (08:23:04) :

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16 08 2009
Kocaeli Teknik Servis (09:25:01) :

GREAT! very cool

8 09 2009
Dave (09:22:34) :

Digital Media is without doubt the wave of the future. Its not surprising that the greenies of the planet are also jumping on this one as well! Congrats!

1 12 2009
Sewa Printer (22:15:48) :

Woooow amazing dear…
Cheers from Sewa Printer

6 12 2009
Enigin (12:23:03) :

That’s an awesome photo!

8 01 2010
Jeff (09:18:42) :

Going digital is a great philosophy. But how do we convince industries such as real estate or the bank industry or print advertisers that going “green” is the best option. Especially since so many of these companies have relied on consuming paper based products for decades?

15 01 2010
Kyle (02:25:56) :

Very interesting, i loved the mac vs pc ads, even more so the spoofs of the ad.

10 03 2010
Marc (13:40:03) :

You still need to get your target audience to watch it! You can give them a printed brochure and they something to look at and read.

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