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My Yoga Online – My Yoga Online is an online yoga and health and wellness resource that streams yoga, Pilates, and meditation videos on demand.

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6 02 2008
Rob (15:38:19) :

Who would I speak to about green printing. It sounds very exciting?

15 02 2008
Deb Ozarko (19:09:19) :

I love your blog! Thanks for writing such informative and interesting articles. As a very serious ethical business it is great to see others out there like myself. Not only do we walk it, talk it and live it in everyday life, we refuse clients who are simply picking up on the green trend. We do not design packaging nor do we design for products because there is no such thing as a sustainable package or product – it all eventually ends up in a landfill creating still more of the problem. We focus on designing for ethical services and non profit messaging in order to remain firmly entrenched in our solid beliefs.

I look foward to your posts!

Thanks again,


20 02 2008
Juliano (02:42:37) :

Printing World. Find the latest printing product here..

28 03 2008
James (05:59:53) :

Your blog is so nice! I think also made same blog with I love it

15 12 2008
Wikaniko (15:06:40) :

It seems that ‘green’ is the new ‘black’… In the UK Wikaniko have just launched their eco friendly home business opportunity.

One of my friends calls it, ‘…Avon for tree huggers!’

18 04 2009
4 07 2011
lexmark (04:42:26) :

your blog is very nice & lots of information about printers for me & every people

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