Lynda Pasacreta leads the Better Business Bureau’s green initiative

19 11 2007


(Image source: (c) 2007).

Dispatch from the Better Business Bureau of Mainland B.C. (BBB) and Green Printer.

This past week, Wal-Mart’s “gone green” story flaunted the pages of CNN Money and scores of other major outlets. While the mammoth retailer’s CEO showed visible concern (is that a twitch we caught?) with the results of its environmental audit – which came out as a ‘mixed bag’ – analysts around the world begged the question, “has green become the new black?”

Increasingly, that answer is “yes”.

Today, not only do consumers expect that companies incorporate ethical business practices in their bottom line, whether that be a product that delivers on its advertising claims or values-based customer service, they also expect companies to act as environmental leaders. In other words, green business practices are becoming just another give-in for any company that wants to be perceived as “ethical” by today’s educated and high-income earning consumer.

And, in today’s increasingly transparent business environment, a company’s decision to go green will determine whether or not it will continue to make a profit alongside existing eco-businesses.

Green Printer, an eco-friendly printing company, will help the Better Business Bureau (BBB) of Mainland BC’s President Lynda Pasacreta demonstrate just how committed the BBB is to practicing environment leadership through the use of sustainable paper products.

The BBB is a non-profit, self-regulatory organization that “stamps” businesses with the ethical seal of approval, via the highly-esteemed BBB logo, after they have passed a set of rigorous criteria.

“We are proud to become a member company among many in the BBB who uphold the highest commitments to business ethics and integrity,” say Alen Rokolj, Green Printer Vice-President. “The BBB is delivering an invaluable service to businesses and consumers alike: it is showcasing businesses with a track record of fair and equitable business practices to consumers all across BC.”

In a recently conducted BC-wide survey, close to 70% of BC consumers said that they prefer to do business with a BBB member. Further, 85% of British Columbians are willing to buy processed chlorine free (PCF) paper products – the only kind Green Printer offers – due to concerns for health and the environment, regardless of any additional, marginal costs of PCF paper.

So, in partnering with Green Printer, BBB made not only the green choice but the marketing savvy choice: consumers are simply saying “no deal” to companies that aren’t demonstrating sound environmental stewardship.

Because Green Printer supports the contributions of all non-profits, including the Better Business Bureau (BBB), we plan to donate 5% on all purchases made by members back to the BBB.




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