Poll: Xerox’s self-erasing paper – Friend or foe?

2 10 2008

A www.greenprinteronline.com dispatch.

Hot off the press, Treehugger readers are in a heated debate (most were against the innovation) over a handfull of XEROX researchers who looked at the challenge of sending good (read: totally reusable and or ready to be recycled paper) and came up with paper that self-erases within 24 hours and can then be re-used.

But, don’t expect to see this ‘magic paper’ for sale quite yet, though. It’s still a research project and it needs to be brushed over with a fine-tooth comb some more before commercialization. Still, it saves trees, one of Green Printer‘s main missions, so it leaves us wanting more…

Watch out for our poll “Paper that self-erases in 24 hours – earth (and office) friend or foe?”

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2 responses to “Poll: Xerox’s self-erasing paper – Friend or foe?”

28 08 2009
Xerox Supplies (11:21:36) :

What a useless innovation. You print so as to keep a hard copy with you. What is the use of printing if it will get erased within 24 hrs.

9 08 2011
Printer Ink (01:14:34) :

Yes I agree a silly invention, but products Xerox do have that stands out is the Xerox Solid ink printers. One of the most environmentally friendly printers on the market today. Using just solid ink blocks and one maintenance kit that you can return to Xerox for recycling free of charge here in the UK. There are no drums, transfer belt and fuser units used in the printer.

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