Paper mill spews 17,770 kgs of greenhouse gases and kills 423 trees

31 10 2007

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And you thought the oil and gas industry was a major greenhouse gas emitter? On average, a small to medium sized print shop who makes $200K per month and uses 20 tonnes of paper from a paper mill:

  • Produces 17,770 kilograms of greenhouse gases a month contributing to climate change;
  • Destroys 423 trees a month;
  • Uses up to 299,880 BTUs of energy a month;
  • Creates 680,741 litres of wastewater per month – that’s one and a half 25 metre swimming pools full.

To put a small print shop’s impact in perspective, the pulp and paper industry is the third largest industrial polluter of air, water and land in both Canada and the United States. All calculations were done by Green Printer’s team via its science-backed environmental calculator at from sources at the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and Environmental Defense.

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Green Printer (GP) is the only printing company in North America that calculates and prints your organization’s environmental ‘savings’ via its Eco Calculator (trees, BTUs of energy, gallons on wastewater and more) on the back of every paper product you show your customers. Pretty nifty.



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