Raising kids into “Forest Citizens”: Get funky, go green, get active with kids

19 08 2008

Above: The Secret Life of Paper – A Project of INFORM, Inc.

A www.greenprinteronline.com dispatch.

INFORM does it again just as parents can once again embrace the “most wonderful time of the year- the Staples Inc. version“. In other words, it’s back to school time for the kids.

My assumption is that kids are already well ahead of their parents in terms of incorporating green living (with less fuss than adults) into their lives and those of their peers. In fact, kids often pressure parents to recycle, according to a study published in the BBC.

Still, raising children to be good citizens and those that can quickly make the link between paper usage, recycling, deforestation, government action and climate change later in their life (I coin these savvy “Forest Citizens”) is not easy but it is well worth it on many levels. Here is who we are watching to help us raise good Forest Citizens as we embark on the craziness of the school year:

Green Printer pick no. 1 – Chegg.com is for your high schooler, not your eight year old but the top textbook rental company in the U.S. – who already offers millions of textbooks for rent with savings of up to 80% – will now plant a tree for every book your Timbaland-listening-15-year-old Forest Citizen rents. Chegg has already funded more than 100 acres of new trees or the equivalenet of over 25 city blocks.

Congratulations to Eco-Libris, a green business who works with key players in the book industry to balance out the paper used for books by planting trees, for their smart and sustainable partnership with Chegg.

Green Printer pick no. 2: All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy. And, so for the preschool one, toys are still de riguer. Kristen Chase from Eco Child’s Play reports on IdBids, a company that gets green toys (with names like Scout, Lola and Waverly, you cannot go wrong). With the toys, the little ones can “play in keeping our Earth happy, healthy and green“. How is that for saying that Forest Citizens are not fun?

Green Printer pick no. 3: Little Bits’s – an eco-minded children’s apparel, accessories and lifestyle store – and Little Bit’s brilliant CEO Monica Rodgers says it best on her company website: “we believe that if our children are our future, then we should act and shop with that in mind.”

Her intelligent blog talks about everything from measuring how green the family getaway really is to her horror at finding out that her family’s carbon output in one year is “enough to cut and burn 6.5 football fields full of trees”. On Treehugger, she shares video advice on teaching children the value of composting bananas and apples all week long. We at Green Printer also loved Monica Rodger’s clip on making recycled paper, which is another cool way to get green and funky with the (grown up) rugrats.

Green Printer pick no. 4: INFORM, a cleverly done series on taking apart everyday consumer items from an environmental point of view, looks at paper from a non-judgemental, “just the facts ma’am” and positive solutions point of view.

Here’s a fact from the video: if every U.S. household replaced just one roll of virgin fiber paper toilet paper with 100% recycled toilet paper, we could save 330, 000 trees, 106, 000, 000 gallons of wastewater and reduce 25, 000, 000 pounds of greenhouse gases.

Want to know how much greenhouse gas, trees and wastewater you can save by using eco-friendly paper products? Find out and keep track of your organization’s environmental savings today by adding Green Printer’s Eco-Calculator widget code to your blog, Facebook or website today. Green Printer is an eco-friendly printing company that carries attractive, eco-friendly and affordable recycled paper. GP helps customers like the University of British Columiba, Best-Western, ReMax, Lush and Aveda go – and stay – green.



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