Recycled Stock Printing Is Becoming More Important To Magazines.

4 03 2013

Recycling of all kinds is becoming more and more important as consumption levels increase worldwide. Paper production, which is fueled by deforesting vast amounts of the world’s naturally forested areas, is becoming a threat to the environment. Methods of recycling print paper for reusability are now becoming a necessity to preserve our future. stated that on average, a 1610 pound tree can produce about 80,500 sheets of paper, which adds up to only 161 packs of print paper. By using recycled stock printing resources, we are able to avoid cutting down countless trees.

Several magazines around the world have started to outsource traditional paper usage and have switched to 100% recycled stock. The University of Toronto magazine (U of T) is one who has found great savings with the switch. In an article by U of T magazine, they have stated to the switch has amounted in saving nearly 2000 trees per year, energy savings that could heat about 13 homes, and approximately 13 garbage trucks worth of yearly waste. There are nearly 700 or more magazines in the US alone and nearly 30 million trees are cut down each year worldwide.

Nearly one and a half million trees could be saved annually simply using a recycled source of paper in all US magazines. To gain a visual perspective on how much of an area one and a half million trees can fill (based on tree spacing of a two foot by foot spread), they would occupy about 100 American Football fields, or 114 city blocks.

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