Seven Ways Business is Green-ing Our World: One paper product at a time

9 05 2008

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The big names cannot help but pump out more sustainable paper products on an almost weekly basis. From biology college textbooks gone green to carbon friendly greeting cards, we’ve rounded up the top ten green papier goods that caught our eye.

7. So, the FSC is not perfect. But it’s a start and it speaks volumes when office supply giants like Staples start to sell what most of us want to start using already in the copy machine: post-consumer waste paper.

6. Green textbooks are challenging Penn State University‘s exam taking establishment. Talk about a YAWN generation.

5. Perfect for the green spy in your life? Xerox has got paper that erases in 24 hours.

4. From your hiking map to your grandma’s birthday letter: Chris Ryan, a publisher of outdoor recreation and guide books now buys up to 15 tons of outdated maps at a time to meet his customer’s demands from these premium quality, unique envelopes made from 100% post-consumer content.

3. Random House’s 2008 15% recycled paper policy: the one that triggered a short-term revenue decline and in the future (if the right CEO steps up to the plate) has the potential to paint the publishing world a darker shade of green.

2. Live lighter at the office by switching to 100% post-consumer waste paper and then showing off your CO2 and tree savings using Green Printer’s eco-calculator widget (we couldn’t resist a well-time “plug”!)

1. Verysupercool (yes, that is their real and uber-funky name) teams with to create the Greenest Little Greeting Card in Texas.

So, even while the mythical paperless office lures us with its green goodness, we still use and love our paper – printed on both sides, thankyouverymuch.

Save trees, time and money the eco-friendly way with our recycled paper, sustainable printing methods and eco-calculator with Green Printer – more details at Now, wasn’t that easy?



2 responses to “Seven Ways Business is Green-ing Our World: One paper product at a time”

11 05 2008
Verysupercool Sue (06:37:25) :

Hey, thanks for the mention, we’re honored to be number 1! We’re a small, growing green company that wants to raise the bar a bit. In addition to printing on 100% post consumer waste paper, we plant trees through Trees For The Future and carbon offset with Now, what if every greeting card company did that? Wouldn’t THAT be Verysupercool?

Here’s a quote from one of our cards:

“Look deep into nature, and then you will understand everything better.” ~ Albert Einstein

P.S. Since most of the dogs featured on our greeting cards are rescues, they’re kind of recycled too. They were all given a second chance to have a better life. 🙂

14 05 2008
Green Printer - SAVE TREES.PRINT GREEN. (10:06:23) :

[…] Check out items 2 through 7 and read the entire article here. […]

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