Share a CO2 calculator with your blog readers: 3 ways to increase your green blog’s traffic

5 11 2007

A dispatch – I once asked a city-based TV editor how he chooses the news stories from all the PR “flack” and “noise” he receives on a per hour basis (I counted about 43 emails an hour in his inbox). His response? “When I go home and my son asks, ‘Dad, what happened in the news today’? I take three seconds and usually, the most striking stories of the day come to mind. Today, it’ll be the story of two feet separated at the roadside and a helicopter that saved a 68-year old adrenaline junkie grandmother from hiking the local mountains.”

The point is, blog posts are first and foremost news (and “how-to” guides and lists…). And, with our 0.025 second internet attention span, blog posts need to be even faster and more captivating than print news. Aside from the blogging credibility guide, here are three tips to get you more traffic:

1. Share a CO2 calculator with your blog readers. Here’s hidden gem in the green blogosphere that’ll no doubt get your readers a little giddy if not incredibly interested to “interact” with your blog (that’s want you want).

Share the code of this CO2 blog calculator with your readers (who, I bet, are bloggers too) and win points. I bet you’ll get referrals on Stumbleupon too. By the way, Stumbleupon can be better than Digg for getting you traffic.

2. Never forget to add a photo or a video to your blog unless you have a really good reason not to. Images and videos have their own tagging power, and are often listed in the description area of the top 10 Technorati sites (e.g. greengooglegirls.jpg). Oh, and you want to religiously and somewhat obsessively see who and what appears on Getting to no. 1 among 4, 375, 245 blogs in the blogosphere is no small feat. Most are gadget sites for tech “geeks” and how to make money off your but no sweat: ask how you can add value with your well-written, green-oriented blog content and voila!, you’ve instantly targeted a 1 000 000+ strong audience demographic.

Our example
You’ve heard from us that junk mail is notorious for killing trees here but this cool video from the people at really nails the point on the head (see the “Junk Mail” clip). is more underground than YouTube and “leaking” news from unexpected sources will get you hits. Remember, the blog’s history has been driven by hackers and the blog thrives on “secret” stories.

3. Kill two birds with one stone. Submit your best blog articles to places like Ezine Articles – and get your best blog post to do the walking for you. Thank you to cuncun at Smart Blogging for this great tip. The blog – like the real world – has universal rules that should not be broken. Share the link love.

Green Printer, the website – not just the blog – has another cool and useful tool for you: the Eco Calculator. Save trees, time and money the eco-chic way. We use science-backed sources to calculate your organization’s environmental impact with each paper quote – more details at Now, wasn’t that easy?



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9 11 2007
Five funky, social networking tools to ignite your green blog’s traffic « Green Printer (02:04:59) :

[…] eco-blogging tip or “leaked” environmental news story. For our part, we did a post on funky CO2-calculating widgets  but in the long run, we go to where all the hacks with the inside stories, er, reporters, […]

3 06 2009
Translator (07:14:54) :

Thanks for the tips. We are actually in the middle of starting our own website that will also include a blog on green living, and I will definitely take this into account.

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