The 3 Commandments of a Top, Green Blogger (and Digg-er)

21 11 2007

A dispatch.

According to The Daily Green featured video clip of top green digger, Andrew Sorcini a.k.a. Mr. BabyMan (he cautions others not to let their girlfriends choose their online nickname), it takes unwavering commitment or, if you like, borderline obsession, to become a top green blogger, or more accurately: a top, green Digger.

Whether or not you agree with his sense of humour, Sorcini is on top.

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Just another silly “Save Trees. Print only when necessary” email signature?

20 11 2007

Video: UNEP – Amazon Deforestation in Google EarthA dispatch.
We’ve become a letter-writing society.Sure, our 16th century relatives may have written and sent a couple of hand-written letters to their loved ones via “dove” (the bird, not the soap brand), it’s us that have set the bar for most letters – electronic ones – sent in world history.

In fact, it’s estimated that 97 billion e-mails whisk through cyberspace every day. And according to GreenPrint Technologies, despite 20th century predictions of a paperless office, Americans use enough sheets every year to build a 10-foot-high wall that would stretch from New York to Tokyo and beyond. Read the rest of this entry »

Don’t make the “naughtiest” corporation list: save endangered forests, use greener paper

15 11 2007


(Source: Candace the Caribou 2007)

A dispatch.

Today, Forest Ethics named Sears the naughtiest tree-cutting company of them all, sending out an estimated 425 million catalogs a year – that’s about enough to give each person in the U.S. six catalogues about flannel pants a year – including 270 million Lands’ End catalogs, with paper that comes from endangered forests. Read the rest of this entry »

Best Western Richmond goes green

27 10 2007





Green Printer is pleased to announce that we will be working closely with Best Western Richmond to help them go green. The first step is an eco audit, which will assess their current needs and make recommendations for improving the sustainability of their printing.

The switch to Green Printer is one of the hotel’s Green Committee initiatives, led by Wendy Hargreaves, Director of Sales & Marketing. We would like to congratulate the popular hotel chain, which is exploring ways that they can be more eco friendly in all areas of their business. The hotel will display Green Printer’s “Tree Counter” on their website, which will keep track of the number of trees they have saved – a great reminder of their positive difference they are making!

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