Seven Ways Business is Green-ing Our World: One paper product at a time

9 05 2008

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The big names cannot help but pump out more sustainable paper products on an almost weekly basis. From biology college textbooks gone green to carbon friendly greeting cards, we’ve rounded up the top ten green papier goods that caught our eye.

7. So, the FSC is not perfect. But it’s a start and it speaks volumes when office supply giants like Staples start to sell what most of us want to start using already in the copy machine: post-consumer waste paper.

6. Green textbooks are challenging Penn State University‘s exam taking establishment. Talk about a YAWN generation.

5. Perfect for the green spy in your life? Xerox has got paper that erases in 24 hours.

4. From your hiking map to your grandma’s birthday letter: Chris Ryan, a publisher of outdoor recreation and guide books now buys up to 15 tons of outdated maps at a time to meet his customer’s demands from these premium quality, unique envelopes made from 100% post-consumer content.

3. Random House’s 2008 15% recycled paper policy: the one that triggered a short-term revenue decline and in the future (if the right CEO steps up to the plate) has the potential to paint the publishing world a darker shade of green.

2. Live lighter at the office by switching to 100% post-consumer waste paper and then showing off your CO2 and tree savings using Green Printer’s eco-calculator widget (we couldn’t resist a well-time “plug”!)

1. Verysupercool (yes, that is their real and uber-funky name) teams with to create the Greenest Little Greeting Card in Texas.

So, even while the mythical paperless office lures us with its green goodness, we still use and love our paper – printed on both sides, thankyouverymuch.

Save trees, time and money the eco-friendly way with our recycled paper, sustainable printing methods and eco-calculator with Green Printer – more details at Now, wasn’t that easy?

Anti-catalogue mail campaigns that pay and junk entrepreneurs that bring the sexy back to sustainability

15 04 2008

A Junk Mail “Sculpture” a la

A dispatch.

We’ve come this far in our exasperation with junk mail-apalooza and now people are luring us with cold, hard cash (or the beauty of planting a tree) to get us to stop receiving virgin-forest-eating junk mail.

We’re in love with Green Dimes (thank you to Nate Burgos of Design Feast for the gread tip), which not only offers a widget that claims to track, in real time, how many:

i. trees are saved;
ii. Victoria Secret catalogues are stopped and;
iii. (tongue in cheek style) “people helped”,

but also offers a really convenient online service to cut out those annoying credit card application forms. Read the rest of this entry »

Global warming deniers denounce Congress’ move to CFLs and LEDs

8 01 2008

An dispatch.

LATEST in CFL Debate: No Actual Data on CFL migraine scare in The Daily Green

Conservative bloggers denounce US Congresses’ move to CFLs as a mercury health hazard and a “High Priest Al Gore of the Church of Global Warming of Modern Day Idiots (MDI)” falsity while of course, sourcing the “science” behind their claim as, what else, another conservative blogger’s opinion. Read the rest of this entry »

Xerox slashes emissions 18% below 2002 levels and saves $18M

28 12 2007

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Through innovation in their paper and ink use and operational changes, Xerox reduced its greenhouse gas emissions 18 percent below 2002 levels. The move saved the company $18 million dollars and spurred a new, more stringent goal of driving down emissions 25 percent below that 2002 baseline. Printing green has gone corporate mainstream.

The business supply chain: 8 easier ways to be eco-friendly

26 12 2007


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Strategies: Manage your supply chain

Just tip #8 of 10 tips from the Greater Vancouver’s Regional District’s “Smart Steps Strategies

Your supply chain is made up of the companies that help your business secure materials and distribute products to the right place at the desired time in the quantities needed. The supply chain thus offers a unique and relatively easy opportunity for your firm to influence suppliers to the benefit of the environment. Read the rest of this entry »

Green your retail business today with 5 easy tips

26 12 2007

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A dispatch

If your post-holiday cheer and spending has put you in a slump about how to jumpstart your New Year’s resolution to make your business run more efficient and tree-friendly for less (and who doesn’t?), Ilana DeBare from the San Francisco Chronicle has the solution. The Chronicle green business reporter provides a few tips to increase your retail business efficiency in the long-term and “walk” your sustainability talk in 2008. Read the rest of this entry »

World Wildlife Federation fails luxury brands in “eco-test”

29 11 2007


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A dispatch.

Today, the World Wildlife Federation (WWF) “graded” the top ten holding companies for luxury brands – including Bulgari, Coach, Hermes, L’Oreal, LVMH, PPR, Richemont, Swatch, Tiffany and Co and Tods – on “a scale of A+ to F for their environmental, social and governance performance and what non-governmental organisations had said about them”.

L’Oreal was handed a C+ while the majority of the brands got Ds and Fs. Read the rest of this entry »