Don’t make the “naughtiest” corporation list: save endangered forests, use greener paper

15 11 2007


(Source: Candace the Caribou 2007)

A dispatch.

Today, Forest Ethics named Sears the naughtiest tree-cutting company of them all, sending out an estimated 425 million catalogs a year – that’s about enough to give each person in the U.S. six catalogues about flannel pants a year – including 270 million Lands’ End catalogs, with paper that comes from endangered forests. Read the rest of this entry »

Treeless paper: it’s true, it exists and other appetizers

14 11 2007


A dispatch.

Garden Wise Guy (aka Billy G.) wrote in to comment on a recent article on easy, tree-loving office tips.

Green Printer,

Good start for a conversation. Two of your items left me wanting to
try them but more information is needed. How about an explanation of
what “treeless paper” is and how one finds it? Purveyors?
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7 deadly blog sins thou shall not commit on thy eco-blog

11 11 2007




Besides loving chic elk and using eloquent Shakespearean language to speak about the beauty of treeless paper, sustainable printing technologies and paper that’s good to the planet, we devout tree-huggers here at Green Printer love to give you cool ideas to start and skyrocket your own eco-blog. Read the rest of this entry »