The Jaded (Green?) Screen: Is the paperless office not ‘engaging’ enough?

6 11 2008


A dispatch. 

A post by contributing writer Melissa Chungfat.

The dwindling economy isn’t the only thing that’s hurting company profits  it’s also the widespread lack of employee engagement. The Towers Perrin firm conducted a global workforce study of employees around the world, and only 21% of employees surveyed were engaged in their work. The study reported that the more employees were engaged, or willing to go the extra mile to help their company succeed, the better the financial results.

But even before the economic meltdown and the lack of employee engagement, many companies felt they had to choose between economic success and the environment. Can the case of economy vs. environment be settled?

In a short answer: yes. There are organizations that realize why green is still the way to go and without the environment, there would be no economy.

The case for print – and printing – to engage employees

Employee communications consultant Ron Shewchuk is one of North America’s leading communications professionals. When he talks about the engagement gap, he emphasizes the important role print communication materials, such as newsletters, can play in engaging employees to enhance company performance. He said print materials have the following benefits:

  1. They can have a higher readership than corporate intranets when they are distributed effectively within an organization
  2. They can reach employees who don’t have access to computers
  3. They can consistently reach diverse internal audiences that are often made up of veterans, boomers, Generation X, and Generation Y.

    In one of his blog posts, Ron said, “I have no objection to online tools. But they are part of a balanced mix — a mix that still should include print — at least in companies who have front line workers who don’t have computers or who are over 25 years old.”

    The case for the environment

    The Environmental Paper Network stated the following impacts of the consumption of traditional paper:

    1. Forests are disappearing in order to supply pulp for paper that is only used once and thrown away
    2. Paper makes up almost 40% of solid waste stream
    3. The pulp and paper industry has one of the highest pollution intensities of the 74 industrial sectors measured by the Toxic Release Inventory.

      The paperless office is far from being reached and the negative environmental impacts mount every day.

      The verdict

      Thankfully, the economy versus environment dispute can be addressed by printing on 100% recycled and post-consumer paper. Companies have been able to print their communication materials on these types of paper stock at competitive prices as a result of increased demand.

      Green Printer, an eco-friendly printing company, uses recycled and post-consumer paper. They estimate that their customers have saved over 74,645 pounds of greenhouse gases and 38,116 pounds of solid waste since they opened in June 2007.

      Organizations don’t have to sacrifice economic profit for environmental profit or vice versa. As environmental economist Herman Daly puts it, “The economy is a wholly owned subsidiary of the environment.”

      Want to know how much greenhouse gas, trees and wastewater you can save by using affordable, eco-friendly paper products? Find out and keep track of your organization’s environmental savings today by adding Green Printer’s Eco-Calculator widget code to your blog, Facebook or website.



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      6 11 2008
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