The “Thongs of Mass (Forest) Destruction” and other reasons businesses should pay attention to online activism

9 11 2007


A dispatch.

Victoria’s Secret’s executives never expected this story to skyrocket from the underground level of blogs and hack basements to full page ad coverage of the likes of the New York Times. And, we didn’t even get to the part of Victoria’s Secret garnering a legal (and reputation) bill longer than Gisele Bundchen’s legs but there you have it: a case study that blogs have power and consumers are watching your every (un)green move.

Environmental activists are getting more sophisticated and more entrenched into the corporate boardroom than ever before, recognizing even how corporations manipulate Google to manage their billion dollar reputation online.

All the more reasons to find out who sources your products – including your paper products. While social networking is a blessing (usually) for most companies as explained by Search Engine Journal blog, it can also open up companies to public scrutiny unheard of before (as discussed by especially in light of climate change and deforestation being in the news 24/7 .

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2 responses to “The “Thongs of Mass (Forest) Destruction” and other reasons businesses should pay attention to online activism”

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