Wild, green business card ideas to re-ignite your brand

22 04 2009

So, the economy is down the tubes and it’s all over the tube.

Why not take this time to incubate your business (from a caterpillar into a butterfly metamorphosis, if you will) and re-invest in your brand.

This is likely a slower client year than most businesses may be used to so lack of time is no excuse not to get started. And money?  When business is scarce for your retail neighbours down the street, consider that suppliers may be more willing than usual to negotiate high volume orders.

And, the no-fail, low cost business staple that can change an undecided client into a more confident one? A humble business card that is fiercely aligned with your brand.

We spotted a handful of fresh, out of the box ideas to re-ignite your ‘brand imagination’ and start considering ‘who’ your business will be in 2009 and beyond.

1. Jamie Wieck of Boing Boing offers an alfalfa sprout card for “another bloomin’ designer”. And you thought you’ve seen it all!

2. While we do not advise in printing out your business card on a peanut like our bad-ass Japanese neighbours did, the concept of printing your card on anything else except paper (e.g. cloth, recycled plastic) is intriguing and makes a lasting statement, particularly if you operate in a very niche market.

3. Make a funky statement with ‘pop culture’ recycled business cards like those at the US Business Card Company.

Laura Appleton of silk concept shares her experience purchasing business cards with Green Printer:

From the very beginning Silk Concept has strived to be different from the crowd. Our mission is simple, to provide healthy, cleaner bedding choices for everyone. Today’s world provides many distractions and hindrances to getting a good night’s sleep, and sadly we are seeing the negative results. We apply our mission to every aspect of our company. So when it was time to print business cards, I searched for the right company. With a company policy that includes a commitment to ‘think and act consciously ensuring the greenest business possible’ I had strict guidelines to follow. I knew once I had read the Greener Printer blog that I had found the right local printers for the job.

The results were better than I had imagined. The silk filled duvets we sell are very different from your average duvet. It is important to convey this throughout of our marketing material. Branding is critically important for a new company and so the business cards absolutely had to communicate the right message, and they do. With business cards made from 100% post consumer reclaimed materials and vegetable based inks we are staying true to our green commitment. With great customer service and products, Green Printer makes the process efficient and effective.

We are very proud that we can say our business created these environmental savings:

0.01 trees preserved for the future.
0.03 lbs water-borne waste not created.
4 gal wastewater flow saved.
0 lbs solid waste not generated.
1 lbs greenhouse gases prevented.
6,474 BTUs energy not consumed.

Want to know how much greenhouse gas, trees and wastewater you can save by using affordable, eco-friendly paper products? Find out and keep track of your organization’s environmental savings today by adding Green Printer’s Eco-Calculator widget code to your blog or website.



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26 06 2009
Wild, green business card ideas to re-ignite your brand | India Printers (08:24:04) :

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