Top 5 Recycling Tips For Summer

30 07 2013


Recycling Tips

Summer represents a perfect opportunity to think about recycling, and to experiment with new ways to develop cleaner, greener habits. Many families enjoy vacations during the summer, and these trips lend themselves to the development of creative recycling ideas. Also, since this is the growing season, many people can benefit from a compost pile in their garden.

Here are five recycling tips to help with conservation efforts this season.

1. Dryer Sheet Kindling: Along with sweaty and muddy clothes comes a whole lot of laundry. Since a household’s laundry requirements are high in the summer, people tend to use a lot of dryer sheets. Most of the time, people simply pitch their sweet smelling, fluffy sheets in the trash bin after using them. However, by setting them aside, people can benefit from their use as a fire starter for both fireplaces and charcoal grills.

2. Book Swap: While paperback books are becoming less and less popular due to the increased use of tablets and other digital readers, we all still need something to do on a rainy summer day. Instead of buying new books, hook up with someone in a similar situation and have a book swap! These can be a fun way to spend a morning with friends, and will allow a person to receive dozens of new books to read without creating a whole bunch of new paper-based waste.

3. Eco-Friendly Vacations: By doing a little research before booking your next trip, people can find hotels that share their commitment to green living. Many times, these hotels utilize energy efficient appliances, and offer guests the choice of whether or not to have their linens laundered. Since laundry creates a substantial strain on environmental resources, electing to responsibly launder your linens while on vacation keeps harmful detergents out of the water supply and ensures energy efficiency while on a trip.

4. Plastic Bottle Overload: In the summer, many people find themselves using a tremendous amount of plastic bottles. Water tends to be a major culprit, so a smart suggestion is to invest in a home water filter and a reusable bottle. However, when faced with the presence of water bottles, consider using them for storage purposes instead of immediately throwing them away. Gallon jugs make fantastic containers for a number of household items, including hardware, change and children’s toys. The same can be said for smaller bottles and other disposable plastic containers.

5. Smart Water Use: Since summer usually brings rain, a bucket can serve as a way to collect water for plants. Along those lines, allowing the water used to boil pasta and other foods to cool allows for another source of water for plants or a garden. Since people often don’t consider their water use when beginning to think about recycling, these are a few simple ways to get going with water conservation during the summer months.

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