World Wildlife Federation fails luxury brands in “eco-test”

29 11 2007


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A dispatch.

Today, the World Wildlife Federation (WWF) “graded” the top ten holding companies for luxury brands – including Bulgari, Coach, Hermes, L’Oreal, LVMH, PPR, Richemont, Swatch, Tiffany and Co and Tods – on “a scale of A+ to F for their environmental, social and governance performance and what non-governmental organisations had said about them”.

L’Oreal was handed a C+ while the majority of the brands got Ds and Fs.

Historically, luxury has been synonymous with “decadence” and a “splurge because I can” attitude. The environmental movement, on the other hand, has been associated with less sexy terms like “frugality” and “sacrifice”.

But WWF is challenging that notion by asking style icon celebrities to watchdog the decadent yet environmentally damaging brands they endorse, thus spearheading a new kind of luxury steeped in deep environmental and social values.

Clearly, the WWF is using a smart social marketing tactic to tap into a new generation ready to break the rules about what luxury really means – like Blackberry-free time spent with friends at the next green resort instead of another luxe Burberry purchase.

Looks like both the eco-celebrities and SUV lovers of our time want to get away from it all, hassle-free and in style. And, with vacations becoming the modern man and woman’s “luxury “and the environmental impact of a destination becoming a decision factor in where to spend one’s holidays, where better to enjoy a much deserved holiday than in Whistler – land of the uber-green generation?

Certainly, the luxury travel industry has long strides ahead of itself before it can be called “green” but executives like Matt from VIP Mountain Holidays in Whistler are up to the challenge.

In an email, he admitted that luxury travel, by it’s very nature, isn’t considered a green product but that his company is pursuing ways to make it as green as possible including using less paper as per the tips on Green Printer’s blog.

Rock on and green on, VIP Mountain Holidays.

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