Why print green? Save trees, reduce toxic waste, feel good!

Little Tree

One tree at a time

Did you know that an average office worker uses 0.68 kilograms (or 1.5 pounds) of paper per day? That's 170 kilograms (375 pounds) per year! Multiply that by the amount of people in your office, school or organization, and you can see how it adds up. Here's another startling fact. The pulp and paper industry is the third largest industrial polluter of air, water and land in both Canada and the United States.

You can make a huge difference just by changing the type of paper you use. Green Printer offers a range of treeless and recycled content papers for every type of job. And our online tree counter will show you just how many trees your saving every time you print with us. It's motivating... and fun!

Tackling toxic waste

The papermaking process itself is also traditionally a toxic job, producing a lot of waste. Each month, a medium-sized print shop uses about 20 tons of paper, which produces about 554 kilograms of waterborne waste, 680,741 litres of wastewater (enough to fill about one-and-a-half 25 metre swimming pools), 9,025 kilograms of solid waste, 17,770 kilograms of greenhouse gases, and 299,880 BTUs of energy. When you choose green printing methods you can also eliminate a lot of waste in the printing process, from the choice of non-toxic inks and energy efficient processes to dry offset printing (for no chemical waste).

Calculate your way to eco-friendly printing

Still not convinced? Try our online Green Printer Calculator next time you have a print job. Based on your order, it will calculate the number of trees you have saved, the amount of greenhouse gases and wastewater prevented, as well as the amount of energy conserved.