Door Hangers 4.25 x 11

  • Door hanger printing on
    100% recycled paper
  • Die cutting included
  • High definition offset  printing with stochastic screening
  • Next day shipping available
  • 100% purchase guarantee!
door hangers
recycled paper

We have the best selection of quality, eco-friendly papers for your green, recycled door hangers. Choose from:

  • 100% recycled 13 pt uncoated paper.
  • 14 pt silk coated cover.
  • 16 pt double thick, eco-certified cover.
vegetable based inks

Recycled door hangers are printed using, extra low VOC process inks (CMYK).

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Door Hanger Printing Tips

Door hangers are very commonly used at hotels and other places, and it acts as a great way for you to market to your customers. Unlike many other types of printed marketing materials, like brochures and posters, people have to actually pick up and look at door hangers, so before you get door hanger printing you should follow these tips to make the most of this marketing opportunity.

Consider Die-Cuts
Almost every door hanger is the same with the circular opening at the top. However, before getting color door hanger printing, you can get a custom die-cut. While going over the top may be a problem, making a custom shape is a great way to jar your customers just enough to make them really look at and read the door hanger’s contents. Just make sure the door hanger can still hang from a door with the custom die-cut shape.

Add Coupons
When you get door hanger printing services, it is normally best if you add a coupon to the bottom of your door hanger design. Coupons are great at converting customers, and you can use them to easily analyze how well the door hangers are converting. To make it easy for people to use the coupons, get perforations or scoring near the coupons, which will allow customers to rip off and use the coupon.

Choose a Thick Stock
You can get color door hanger printing services with thin paper, but this isn’t really appropriate for door hangers. They can rip from being handled so much and the thin paper isn’t too durable. However, if you go with a 14-point paper the door hanger will be thick enough to be handled without any concerns. Consider getting thicker paper to impress your prospective clients.

Get Double-Sided Door Hangers
Most people only design their door hangers for a front design and leave the back blank. This doesn’t make good use of the door hanger’s real estate, and you can lose out on converting customers. Try printing on the back so you can easily add more information. You can add coupons, a map, directions or valuable information about your business on the back. This also ensures that, regardless of how the door hanger is placed on the knob, your message will be seen.

Get Bulk Printing
Much like business cards, door hangers are used often and printed often. When you print in bulk, you get a lower per-print price, lowering the overall cost. So, instead of ordering 1,000 door hangers 10 times, get 10,000 door hangers. The initial cost is more, but you are spending less per hanger, which helps your marketing budget from collapsing.

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