8.5" x 11" - 12pgs

  • Catalog Printing in full color and on high-quality eco papers
  • Saddle-stitched binding
  • High definition printing with
    stochastic screening
recycled catalogs printing
catalog printing
recycled paper

Green Printer's 8.5"x11"  catalogs are saddle-stitched and come in two different options:

  • SELF - COVER CATALOG: Inside pages and cover are printed on the same stock: 100 lb gloss text, eco-certified paper 
  • PLUS - COVER CATALOG: Cover is printed on heavier paper -  100 lb gloss coated cover, eco-certified stock

Other custom papers and binding options for catalog printing are available!

vegetable based inks

Recycled catalogs are printed using, extra low VOC process inks (CMYK).

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 Our catalog templates are available in InDesign format.

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The Top Catalog Printing Tips

A catalog is a great way of selling a product. For your catalogs to be effective, you have to ensure that you have the best designs and use the best printing methods. For most people, designing is an easy job. However, the same cannot be said for catalog printing. If you need help in printing your catalogs, below are some top tips to assist you.

•    Catalog Covers: The cover of your catalog is what will give the first impression of your product. If you want your catalogs to look professional, you should use a heavier paper stock, for the front and back covers. The heavy-stock paper is of a greater quality than the normal paper that is used in the interior pages of a catalog.

•    Catalog Colors: Using more colors in your catalogs increases the likelihood that more people will be attracted to read it. Therefore, you must ensure that an expert graphics designer, designs your catalog, and blends the colors accordingly. When printing, you should use a full-color process, in order to make the colors stand out and more appealing.

•    Choice of Paper: The choice of paper for printing the inner pages of your catalogs should be determined by the kind of products you sell. If you deal in high-end products, you must select the best quality paper, such as glossy paper. On the other hand, if you deal in industrial-type products, you may use a lower grade of paper stock.

•    Catalog/Page Size: The size of your catalog will determine the cost of printing. You should ensure that the size you choose is sufficient for the information you need to have in your catalog. In addition, you should only include relevant content, and at the same time use short descriptions for your products. It is much cheaper to design and print your catalogs on smaller page widths.

•    Page Count and Binding: You must select an ideal type of binding for your catalogs, depending on the number of pages, as well as the type of products. Ideally, if your catalog has many pages, as is the case for high-end products, you should use perfect binding. Otherwise, you should opt for saddle stitching.

•    Press Types: If you need to print your catalogs in large quantities, you will make great savings and have the job done much faster, if you choose a offset printing. For smaller quantities, digital printing is more economical.

The printing tips above will ensure that you get the best catalogs for selling your products. Having considered these tips, you will need to choose an experienced and reliable printer to do the job. Even though cost is one of the factors that should guide you when selecting a printer, you should never sacrifice the quality.

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