Booklets - 8.5" x 11"

  • Booklet printing in full color on high-quality green papers
  • Saddle-stitched binding
  • High definition offset printing with stochastic screening
recycled booklet printing
booklet printing
recycled paper

Booklet Paper and Finishing Options

Green Printer's 8.5"x11"  booklets are saddle-stitched and come in two different options:

  • SELF - COVER BOOKLET: Inside pages and cover are printed on the same stock: 100 lb gloss text, eco-certified paper 
  • PLUS - COVER BOOKLET: Cover is printed on heavier paper -  100 lb gloss coated cover, eco-certified stock

Other custom papers and binding options for booklet printing are available!

For more info please request a CUSTOM QUOTE!

vegetable based inks

Booklet color and and Coating Options

Recycled booklets are printed using, extra low VOC process inks (CMYK).

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 Our booklet templates are available in InDesign format.

Booklets (8.5"x11")
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Booklet Printing Tips

When you print booklets, there are many tips to keep in mind to ensure you are getting the best booklets possible for your needs. Many booklet printing services offer different stocks for booklets, and you should choose a stock that best fits your needs. Not only that, but you have to correctly design the booklets and they have to be properly bound for the best effect. Following these tips will ensure that you get the best possible booklets for your money.

As you are designing the booklet, make sure that you have the colors set to CMYK. Most graphic design programs are set initially to RGB, but color booklet printing services use CMYK printers. This color schema is used for most prints, so it is good to switch to this color before designing. If you do not, then your prints may turn out darker than intended.

Another way to check for the best colors before sending off your booklet for booklet printing is to print the booklet out. Sometimes monitors are not calibrated correctly, which can make your design look darker or lighter. By printing the booklet, you can see exactly what it will look like.

Proofread Everything
Your booklet will often contain a lot of information, such as phone numbers, prices and many other things. Before getting booklet printing services, be sure to proofread everything. You don’t want to accidentally have thousands of booklets printed, just to find out your phone number or email address is misspelled.

Choosing the Best Paper
There are many different paper stocks to select from when you get booklet printing. If you are looking for budget-friendly printing that still feels high quality, you can get 70- or 80-pound matte paper. These stocks are not as thick, so they may not be best for booklets used to sell products to consumers, but they are durable.

If you are selling products or services to businesses or consumers, then you should strongly consider 100-pound paper. This is much thicker, and the quality of the paper will make your audience think your product or service is that much better.

To be a booklet, it needs to be bound. You can choose from different binding types, and each one has its own advantages. Saddle stitch, or stapling in the center, is good for small booklets that will be looked at by consumers or for information purposes.

Other binding types, such as Wire-O, are better for thicker books. These bigger binding types are also more durable, and should really help keep your booklet together.

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