Recycled Letterheads

recycled letterheads

recycled paper

Letterheads Paper Options

Green Printer letterheads are printed on:

  • 100% recycled 60 lb text uncoated paper 

Additionally, wide selection of other paper stocks is available, including off-white papers and the entire Neenah ENVIRONMENT brand.

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vegetable based inks

Letterheads Color and Ink Options

Recycled letterheads are printed with extra low VOC, vegetable based process inks (CMYK). We offer one and two color PANTONE printing too.

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 Recycled letterhead templates are available in Illustrator, InDesign, Photoshop and PDF format.

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Letterheads Printing Tips

Of all your business printing, clients and prospects come in contact with your letterhead possibly more than any other material. You can take your letterheads printing to a whole new level when you analyze the entire production process and take steps to maximize the quality. Here are some suggestions to make your experience smooth:

Choose The Right Paper

The look and feel of your color letterheads printing will communicate your professionalism and attention to detail. The paper should reflect the nature of your company. If you are in a formal, professional industry like law, the paper should be consistent with that image. If you work in an innovative high-tech startup, very formal paper may not be congruent. For most companies, a good choice is to find paper that is not too stiff or too flimsy, a nice blend that shows your professionalism and integrity while not being too rigid. Many companies opt for a 24-pound weight paper that is perfect for print letterheads.

Purchase in Volume

Because much of the cost of color letterheads printing is in the set-up of the offset press, you can save money by purchasing as much volume as is practical. A good “rule-of-thumb” for letterhead print services is to order at least 12 months of letterhead and envelopes. Some industry professionals even suggest 24 months as optimum. These time periods allow the cost of print letterheads (and envelopes) to be spread out over a reasonable time.

Pay Attention to Format

An efficient way to make sure you use the right format is to find print letterheads templates. Letterhead print services like to use a four-color process known as CYMK, which is the way the colors are designated for the printer. While images on screen can be as little as 72dpi, for letterheads printing services you need to ensure your images are at least 300dpi. The difference is important because changing from one to the other will drastically change the size so it is good to check ahead of time.

Hardcopy Proof

Always ask the letterheads printing service for a proof copy before the final print. It is amazing the number of little errors and typos you pick up that you did not see before. Before an expensive color letterheads printing job, make sure you take this crucial step.

By choosing the right paper, buying in enough volume, submitting your job in the right format, and doing a final check before giving your approval, you can ensure that letterheads printing services deliver the professional letterhead and envelopes that will separate your company from the competition.

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